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Nickname: Land of Lincoln
Area: 55 646 sq.mi. (144 122,5 km2)
Highest point: Charles Mound 1 235 ft. (376,4 m)
Population: 12 112 400 fő
Capital: Springfield
Largest city: Chicago
Flag of Illinois State
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Illinois State map

Illinois is one of the most populous and densely populated states of the United States.

Lake Michigan panorama
Lake Michigan panorama (photo: Flickr by stevec77)

Illinois is bordered by Wisconsin and Lake Michigan on the North, Indiana State and the Wabash River on the East, Kentucky and the Ohio River on the South and the Mississippi River, Missouri and Iowa from West. It would be pointless to search for higher highland territories in the state, since entire state is a flatland, crosses by several smaller rivers and a lake. The largest city is Chicago, which is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan in the North-Western part of the state. There are some other middle-sized cities, like Springfield as well, all over Illinois.

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The capital of Illinois is Springfield, which is located in the central part of the state. It's primarily famous for the former, popular President; Abraham Lincoln lived here for 24 years. We get to know his life in the Lincoln Home National Historical Site.

Illinois State Capitol, Springfield (photo: Flickr by jimfrazier)

The city of Rockford is situated North-West from Chicago. The city has beautiful parks; the most famous ones are the Sinnissippi Gardens and the Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. It's worth to visit the Midway Village and Museum Center, which talks about the history of the city.

If you have some extra time, take an excursion the giant forests in the Southern part of the state, to the Shawnee National Forest, where you may take part in an exciting adventure trip.

Shawnee National Forest (photo: Flickr by Boilerblues)
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